Felt art of the Mongols

Батчулуун. Л
Felt art of the Mongols

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Захиалгын код: MB2014041801
Хэвлэл: Second edition
Хэвлэгдсэн он: 2009
ISBN: 99929-2-163-3
Нүүрний тоо: 292
Формат: Hardcover
Хэл: English
Хэмжээ/см/: 21.0 x 15.5 x 2.0
Хүргэлтийн жин: 500 гр
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Үнэ: 30,000₮
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For the past two millennia, felt has played an essential role in Mongolian life. In addition to its basic function as an insulating cover for the yurt, felt has served in making clothing, cushions, rugs and wall-hangings, saddle pads, purses and much more. Indeed felt is such an intimate part of Mongolian culture that it has come to be treated as an almost sacred textile, forming the subject of a great number of ritual blessings and activities. In THE FELT ART OF THE MONGOLS L.Batchuluun explores the origins and semiology of Mongolian "felt culture", discussing in turn the emergence of felt technology, contemporary felt making traditions, and the significance of the patterns and symbols encountered°in Mongolian felt embroidery.

Batchuluun Luntengiin is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Arts and Culture of the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture, and a President of "Marzan Sharav Art Academy". He has published 30 books and more than 200 articles in the field of Mongolian art history, and has been the recipient of various national awards and distinctions. The Art of Mongolian Felt Embroidery, wich served as the basis for the present work, was awarded the Mongolian State Prize for Science and Technology in 2000.

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